The Story of the Black Panther Character

The Black Panther character was created by Marvel in the wake of the Civil Rights Movements in the USA of the 1960s.

This was a period when Black Americans where fighting against discrimination and segregation led by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X at different ends.

But there was a third force not many know of.

The Black Panther Party

This party was established by black people for black people. The major political parties (Democratic & Republican) weren't interested in giving black people political representation, hence the need for a party for black people.

The Black Panther Party was radical, revolutionary, left-leaning, and did not mind using violence to pursue their cause. Some of their members were allegedly involved in killing police officers

Just like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, their leaders were eventually assassinated, and the party was internally destroyed.

Back to Marvel Comics.

A team of Israeli writers were inspired by the story of the Black Panther Party, because it resonated with the Israeli nationhood struggle.

So they thought to create a superhero who would embody the attainment of those ideals. A strong advanced version of the African. They ended up creating not just the Black Panther, but the nation of Wakanda, and the element, Vibranium, without which Captain America would not have been possible.

Chadwick Boseman might be gone, but today is a good day to remember the story of the character he played.

Its the reason we all could relate to the movie. Not just because we saw a black superhero, but it told the story of an Africa we want. One that takes great pride in its culture and and does not depend on anyone.

A Wakandan Africa.

There's a movie that tells the story of the Black Panther Party in more words than I can use. - Judas and the Black Messiah.

It tells the story of the betrayal of the Chairman of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton, and his eventual murder.

It was produced by Ryan Coogler, the same person who produced Black Panther

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