Day 18: 30 Facts About Myself

Jeez! Do I even know 30 facts about myself? Let’s give it a try though. Here goes:

  1. I’m based at Ofada, Ogun State. The town that is the home for Ofada Rice, and no, I don’t eat it. Its very expensive. People just assume that because I live there, then I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. I have 3 bank accounts – UBA, GTBank and Alat by Wema Bank. I also have an account with Cowrywise which I have never used for 2 reasons:

    • I have trust issues when it comes to online platforms. Nobody should tell me that on top all my technology advocacy, bla bla bla.

    • I’m not comfortable with the idea of automatic deductions from my other accounts for savings. What if that thing hooks me in a dry period?
  3. I used to be a porn addict some 4 years back. Porn was like brushing my teeth; never step out without doing it. The way I lost interest in it is just odd. I was just looking through pictures of women naked in the upper regions one early morning. It just wasn’t as exciting anymore. Something in my head just told me, ‘Akintunde, this thing doesn’t make sense’, and I dropped the phone abruptly. I tried, honestly, I tried to get back in the mood several times since then, but it all just felt and looked boring. I mean, ‘Why look at pictures and videos of breasts and vaginas when you could just get a prostitute if you’re that desperate for sexual gratification?’. Porn also leaves me feeling cheap when I see it.
  4. I come from a polygamous family. I’m the only son of my Mom and the second son of my Dad.
  5. I have never had sex. Yeah, despite all my dirty mouth and erotic poetry, I’ve never gone all the way. Its not intentional though. I’m just too lazy for it. Sex is hard work. Give respect to those who bang on a steady.
  6. I have a girlfriend. Lips sealed
  7. I love research. Research is bae. If I could get a job and all I have for 8 hours a day is just dig up information, piece it together in way that is actionable, I’d never look outside, except for higher pay.
  8. I have stage fright. Forget the fact that I’m Debate Committee Chairman and I’ve won my fair share of debates, I still get jitters when I have to face a crowd, but it somehow turns into adrenaline when I’m on stage.
  9. I’m a content writer and I sell conversational writing. Hit me up if you need me.
  10. I’m on a 2:2. No joking, so can all those ‘Shana’ jokes stop now? Unlike others, I won’t blame the school system. Nah., I did myself. I lost interest in academics very early. So, when my mates where even striving to maintain 2:1, my goal was just to read to avoid carryover. So far, so good.
  11. I have a violent temper. I’ve destroyed my own things in fits of anger. I once broke my wrist in the process. I rarely blow up, maybe once or twice in a year, but it’s always ‘memorable’.
  12. I have issues with religious commitment which I’m working on. I’ve finally made a habit of reading the Bible twice a day, but going to church is still a serious hurdle. I insist, to the dismay of my more spiritual friends that Sunday is a very good day to get stuff done. Almost no distractions at all. Besides, Jesus Christ and the Apostles that came after him never said anything about Sunday being the day of worship. They only instructed us to never forsake the gathering of the believers. Church service on Sunday was created by humans, not God. I prefer mid-week services, like Bible study. Less fashion parade, better time management and the sermons are usually more practical.
  13. I tend to talk to myself, even in public. I’ll be in the midst of people, lost in the conversation going on in my head, while my mouth shifts from time to time, simulating the words unspoken. I used to be shy about it. I remember a friend of my Dad told me when I was much younger that it was a sign of madness. Well, my people know that I’m crazy, so I guess that’s one of the symptoms.
  14. I tend to chew my lips when I’m either lost in thought or deeply concentrating in a particular activity, especially writing. I’ve been like that since childhood. Whenever I become aware of what I’m doing, I stop myself, only for it to resume later on.
  15. I have 3000 unread messages on my WhatsApp chat. Over half of them are from my secondary school page. I wonder where they get the energy to chat like that. At least, it’s a good place to send BC’s and links to my articles, like this one.
  16. I have no intention of practising law for as long as I shall live. I’m not exactly sure of my definite career. I like keeping my options open – Tax, Tech, Finance, Writing, Public Speaking, Management – there’s so much that can be done. I’ve realized that life has a way going in directions you never expected. But there’s no way its leading me to a life in the wig and gown.
  17. So far, I’ve boarded a plane only once in my life. It was an all-expense paid to trip to Abuja to deliver a paper on behalf of the Tax Club OAU. I have Mo Ibrahim and David Akindolire to thank for that opportunity.
  18. I’m a hybrid – Yoruba-Igbo. Dad is from Ilesha, Osun State. Mom is from Umuokoro, Imo State. Although I prefer claiming Lagos, my state of birth.
  19. I love cats. That’s the only pet I can have. I love the cute, cuddly, sleek., sexy, romantic, saucy feel of a cat. When I have my house, they will be all over the place.
  20. I’m a foodie. Most of you already know that, but its still a fact about me.
  21. I’m good at karaoke. At least I’m a local champion in my Faculty.
  22. I have 2 jotters dedicated to planning every year, every quarter, every month, every week, every day. It’s a Masterplan.
  23. My best books in the Bible are Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
  24. I have dreams of one day being the President of Nigeria. Yeah, I know, me and millions of Nigerian youth. I can settle for Governorship or Senate last last, nothing spoil.
  25. I’m an on-and-off poet. The last time I wrote poetry consistently for a long period was from my 2012 – 2015. That was SS3, my first UTME, second UTME, then Part 1 in OAU.
  26. I’m Chairman of the Debate Committee and its one of my most enjoyable responsibilities. There’s a lot of room for new ideas and I get to work with some of the most interesting and supportive people in the world.
  27. I recently set up a company, DGL Research. We intend to expand the frontiers of knowledge about digital technology and its applications through research, and create economic opportunities for others through the development of our research.
  28. I intend to continue debating after school. There are lots of debate competitions out there for graduates, especially in the British Parliamentary fashion. I used to think debate competitions were strictly for undergraduates and those in secondary school. Debating is fun.
  29. I’d like to act in a movie, even if it just a waka pass role.
  30. Eating food without pepper consistently can make me fall sick.



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Akin Ifeanyi Agunbiade

Associate, AELEX | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher | AI Systems Auditor (UK/EU GDPR)