Day 17: My Zodiac Sign, and how it fits me?

Born on the 5th of July, my zodiac sign is said to be Cancer, symbolized by the Crab. My element is Water and my planet is the Moon. In the course of this article, I’ll be juxtaposing what astrologers say about this sign with my ‘real face’. But before going into that, some background into this sign.

Covering those born between June 21st – July 22nd, it is said to have originated from the story of Hercules, for those familiar with Greek mythology. Hercules at a stage of his life, had to battle several creatures and overcome obstacles, known as the 12 Labours of Hercules, sent to him by his Goddess Stepmother, Hera, wife to the Jupiter or Zeus. Hercules was the son Zeus from an amorous affair and had inherited all of his father’s divine strength. Hera was determined to destroy him, partly because of the threat he posed, and to revenge Zeus’ infidelity.

One of the opponents she sent to Hercules was a giant Crab. Hercules, being the demi-god, he was, killed the Crab by crushing it underfoot. To reward the Crab for its bravery and service, Hera placed it amongst the stars as the fourth constellation, thus becoming then zodiac sign Cancer. Under Verdi or Indian mythology, this sign is referred to as Karka, symbolised by Crab also, and its element is Water.

Now for a general description.

Cancerians are said to have a ‘perceptive path to life’, ‘clingy in a loving and cute way’, ‘prefer hobbies related to arts and staying at home’, ‘the most romantic lovers possible’, ‘absorb the energy around them and blend in to the setting’, ‘tend to be dreamers’. ‘manipulative and inconsistent’, ‘hardly forgiving’, ‘place greatest value in life on home stability and family wellbeing’.

Now for specifics.


Like the crab with its hard outer and soft insides, Cancerians are the conventional hard guy with deep emotions running inside and I am no different. I’m so good at forming hard, that for a long time, it scared me. Even my Dad told me one time that I wasn’t emotional. Cancerians tend to be highly emotional and I’m no different, thus the necessity of a hard shell to keep it all in. We can’t just be having emotional outburst everywhere, whether happy or sad.

Cancerians are typically easy-going in their approach to life until they are provoked. Same here, very few people have seen me get angry, and it’s not something to look forward to. But most of the time, I’m easy like Sunday morning.

I also have crazy mood swings like any typical Cancer. One minute Up Up, riding the waves like I’m still in form, another minute, it’s like everybody in the world should just die and leave me alone. Their wahala is too much. But on a serious note, when I’m down, I just want to left alone. I’ll recover. I always do. But when loved ones want to help out by force, it just makes everything worse.


Cancerians are said to be home-anchored people, caring deeply about the families and friends, and can easily adopt caregiver roles. Nah. This is where we draw the line. I’m not that deep. When it comes to how I relate to family and friends, I am more practical than emotional. If I don’t intentionally decide to keep tabs on someone, men, its out of sight, out of mind. Which is odd, considering the fact that I’m in a long-distance relationship. I guess that’s why they say Cancerians are complicated.

Besides caregiving is not my thing.

If you are my friend and you fall sick, my reaction be like, ‘You don chop? You no get appetite? Hope say you no waste the food? Bring am make I chop, so that he no go waste’. Before I wreck your foodstuff, nobody will tell you get well by force. That’s how I do my caregiving. Feel free to contact me for my services. They are very affordable.

This my hard shell, or hard guy mode is very difficult to come out off, except towards evening/midnight, when I’m usually very tired.


Well, this is the hard part. We Cancerians don’t really like discussing this in public. Cancerians are known to be intense and passionate lovers. They don’t cope well with heartbreaks and can find it hard moving on and prefer long term commitment.

Suffice it to say that all of the above applies to me. No further explanations.


One of the greatest strengths of Cancerians when its comes to career is intuition. Somehow, I know how something will end, or the possible ends, so I’m never too optimistic nor pessimistic, making it easy to prepare myself for whatever outcome.

Cancerians are adept at managerial roles that demand fixing things, nurturing others career-wise and guiding colleagues.

I also tend to get emotionally attached to my work, making me go any length to get it done. I also have perfectionist tendencies. I feel that everything I do makes or mars my reputation, so it either meets my standards or we just bury the whole thing. On the flipside, when my heart is not in something, it shows. I can be really lackadaisical or passive about it.

Cancerians are known to be intellectual, creative and adept at reading the needs of people, and as such, their career paths have to combine these 3. The following are some of the recommended paths for someone with the Cancer zodiac sign:

Start-up entrepreneur

HR executive

Marketing analyst

Social worker, Psychologist or Psychiatrist


Based on where I am now, the closest possible would be Start-up entrepreneurship and HR.

So that’s that for the ’69’ sign. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of zodiac signs because of their root in mythology. They can be accurate no doubt, but anything that anchors my personality on something as unexpected as when I was born or the position of stars and planets can’t really win my trust. What if I was born premature? Or born on the first or last day of a zodiac sign. I prefer the Myer-Briggs personality test, Tim La Haye personality test, or the DISC Communication style. You can click the links for more about them. No time for explanations.

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