Day 14: My Favourite Movies that I never get tired of watching

My favourite movies are loved by me, not because of their entirety, but usually because of a scene or series of scenes in them.


Pardon me but I don’t really keep the names of actors and actresses in mind, so I might not use names in referring to the characters of the movie.

I love that part where the Gatsby was throwing the expensive clothes on the love of his life.

The excitement on both their faces and Lana del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful’ playing in the background, makes that one of the most powerful moments in that movie for me.

I downloaded that song because of that movie. At times, I play the movie and fast forward to that scene and I keep repeating that scene. If you haven’t watched it and we’re in the same locality, ensure we meet up so you can collect the movie from me.


This movie is so packed I can hardly pick what I love the most about it. The patience of the protagonist, gradually, very slowly, digging his escape tunnel with a small pickaxe, the most underestimated tool for such a job. Or how he endured years of rape, bidding his time until he found the right moment to buy the favour of the guards. Using his finance wizardry, he was able to help them plan their assets, minimising their tax liability till they depended on him so much that he could get them to beat the life out of his tormentor. Or how he was able to get the State legislature to provide funding for the prison’s library by sending them a letter everyday for up to 4 years. Imagine sending an email to that firm or company that you’re targeting to support to your organisation every blessed day, like a devotional. What do you stand to lose?

Worst case scenario, they’ll block me.

This movie teaches the power of patience. But above all, it doesn’t just say preach patience. Instead, it preaches that while being patient for things to improve, you consistently work on things to improve your situation. In summary,

Patience + Consistent Action = Success

Analyst/Emerging Tech Lead, Tech Hive Advisory | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher

Analyst/Emerging Tech Lead, Tech Hive Advisory | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher