Day 11: Something I always think “What If” about?

For today’s challenge, I’m supposed to write about something that always makes me think ‘what if?’. To answer that, I’ll throwback a poem I wrote on the 25th of March, 2015 (when I was still in Part 1), titled ‘What If?’. I hope you enjoy it.

What if?

What if I kissed you?

What next?

We’re sitting

Bags between

Fake modesty

You’re chattering


Who cares

Not the words coming from your mouth

I want

But the mouth making the words

I’m all enraptured

By the bread

With the butter within

Then you turn

Give me that look

Ask if I was even listening

Then I shift

Damn the bags

I look you straight in the eye

You’re wondering

What I’m up to

Then I go in

Straight for the kill

Like an eagle swoop

My legendary pink lips

Grace your Chanel
Just prodding the flesh

Ample meat

Succulent lips

Now for the kill

Sink the talons

A metre withdrawn

You dazed

Then I make deep contact

Butter meets jam’

Akpu meets Oha

Iyan meets Egusi


Heart crackers

But then

What next?

What if

In the depth of my sextasy

While I was smoothly operating

Savouring my latest conquest

I get shoved off

Lips salivary

Then from uphigh

Those sissy fingers of yours

Land smackdab on my face

Leaving me looking

Like a hybrid

Of an Omobadan

And eja-ojuyobo

For a second I could have sworn

I saw the angel

About to blow the trumpet

You start hollering some shit

About me taking advantage

Being a perv

Girl, pipe down!

I don’t understand a word

Of what you’re saying

My brain don reset

I’m trying to remember my name

I need Rihanna right now

But then

What if

Instead of shoving me off

You eased off


Wolfish eyes


Why I took so long

Didn’t I get the hints

Then you dive in

And maybe


Leads to


But then again

What if

When you caught me not listening

I shift

Look away


Was distracted

Family issues

Don’t worry

Nothing I can’t handle

Could you come again


What if I kissed you

What next

Ah! I don bad tey tey, no be today! Nobody just know that time.

Analyst/Emerging Tech Lead, Tech Hive Advisory | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher

Analyst/Emerging Tech Lead, Tech Hive Advisory | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher