The making of a villain

From the very beginning, I realized I saw the world differently from everyone else

That didn’t sit well with some people

But I wasn’t for everyone

I guess they were all scared that I’d be…

A psycho

What makes a villain? Is it possible to…

Its that time of the week. I should be reviewing the past 7 days. Comparing my performance with the targets I set for the 6 goals I’m currently chasing. Since the week law school resumption was announced, I’ve been underperforming. It’s like law school sapped my zest for everything. …

An Excerpt from my upcoming book on the history of AI

1956 Dartmouth Conference: The Founding Fathers of AI

AI was first birthed at a workshop in Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, US, in the year 1956. It was themed, ‘The Dartmouth Research Project on Artificial Intelligence’. It lasted up to eight weeks and was composed mainly of brainstorming…

We need a new political party. If you’re a Nigerian reading this article, you’re all too familiar with our current political system and its demerits, so I won’t rehash it. For the first time after 4 attempts at democracy, Nigeria finally has a generation of young people born under democracy…

If you’re not comfortable with strong recourse to faith-based arguments, you need not bother reading this article.

In summary, these are my basic positions –

  • The leaders of Kano State serve false gods
  • The death penalty for blasphemy provides further basis for either decentralizing Nigeria, such that the barbaric beliefs…

Akin Ifeanyi Agunbiade

Analyst/Emerging Tech Lead, Tech Hive Advisory | AI Ethics & Governance Researcher

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